“So, like a decorator?”

When I tell people I am a property stager, which is what I consider myself, many times I get a confused look.  When I say that I am a real estate stager or home stager, I get the “Ahhhh, like on HGTV” or “So, like a decorator?”  The truth of the matter is that staging is a completely different discipline than that of decorating, just as decorating is a completely different discipline than interior design.

We all share the same design principles just as with any other designer. (i.e. graphic, fashion, photography, art, architecture) however, we all apply them for completely different reasons.  Interior designers and decorators apply these principles for the personalization of interior spaces.  These designers create wonderful interior spaces for specific persons, or a specific type of person if commercial.  Property stagers apply these principles for people they do not know yet, and strive to create an interior environment that appeals to the widest range of personalities.   The goal of interior design and decorating projects is to solve a design problem with a specific person in mind.  The goal of staging is to solve a marketing problem with many people in mind.

Another question i am asked, which I will write about next, is:  So, how do you become a “stager”?


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