Photographing Interiors with Point-and-shoot cameras.

Although I would highly recommend photographing interiors with a SLR and a lighting kit, many realtors and sellers

do not have this type of equipment.  So, in turn, they will be using their point-and-shoot cameras.  A couple problems may arise from using this type of camera. 1) If you are shooting inside a low lit room, the image may not be in focus. 2) If you shoot toward an area that is emitting a lot of light, the image will be dark. So why do these things happen and how can you fix them?

1) Out of focus – In low lit rooms, it is difficult for automatic cameras to find something to focus on, a pattern, a crack in the wall, the corner….something!  In order to fix this problem, you will need to find something in the room that is at the same distance as the shot you want, to focus on. Now there is a trick to this that we will discuss in a moment.

2) Dark images – You will find that when you point the camera in the direction of light, everything else around the light will darken.  The reason for this is that the camera thinks there is too much light entering the lens, so it closes what is called the aperture, exactly the way the iris in our own eyes gets smaller when looking into light.  This causes a dark image.  How do we fix this?  When you are taking a picture of a room that has a window with light coming through, you will need to point the camera toward a darker part of the room, maybe the wall next to the window.  You will notice that the image in your preview gets progressively lighter as you pan from the window to the other walls in the room.

Now, in both of these examples, we have asked that you move the camera to focus on something other than what you actually want to photograph.  Now we will tell you how to get the photograph you wanted. After pointing the camera in the areas we have recommended, you will need to hold the shutter button down only half way.  If the picture snaps, you have pressed it all the way.  If you hold it down half way, you will see and hear your camera focus and meter the light.  Now, while holding the shutter down half way, position the camera back to the shot you really wanted to take, and squeeze the shutter the rest of the way.


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