How can floor plans help resale properties?

When searching for a new construction home, buyers request flyers and view builder websites to see not only images of the properties, but also to see the floor plans.  When looking for property to lease, potential tenants do the same, always requesting a list of amenities and a floor plan.  They work for new construction and apartment units; they can work for resale properties also!

When buyers talk to others about their choices in resale properties, many times they will show images and try their best to communicate the layout, and then rely on the comments of their friends and family to make their decision. Why not provide similar marketing material and floor plans for resale properties?  Floor plans are inexpensive to produce and can be used for marketing material, online viewing, space planning for your staging efforts, and give realtors a tool for explaining the use of modified or unusual layouts with the help of a property presenter.

Floor plans allow buyers to create strong visual and emotional connections as to how they will occupy the space by combining the images they see online with what they experienced in person and connecting them to the floor plan provided.  The more we allow buyers to visualize their life in a property, the better chances we have of them falling in love with it.

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What is Property Presentation?

What is Property Presentation?

Whether you hold open houses, build property websites, make fliers, network with other agents, or use social media in your marketing plan; Property Presentation has its role.  Property Presentation is the process of preparing, marketing, and presenting a home though the use of staging, real estate enhancement, photography, graphic design, and video.


Staging is more than design; it’s about preparing a product for the market.  It’s creating a lifestyle and environment that buyers want.  Staging turns vacant homes into spaces that buyers can imagine and visualize themselves, family, and friends in.  When selling a product, the more senses we stimulate in a buyer, the higher probability they will make a purchase.  Staging also solves problems such as defining spaces that are oddly shaped, or re-defining unusual or modified floor plans.  The clearer interior spaces are to a prospective buyer, the better they can visualize their life in it.  Before you stage,  I recommend ordering a Property Staging report to help you identify key selling points of your property along with space function recommendations.


Another part of Property Presentation is the enhancement of occupied spaces.  When selling an occupied home there are several issues to resolve.  How can we get buyers to visualize their own life in this space when it is being occupied and is personalized to another family?  The solution is Real Estate Enhancement.  Enhancing a property is preparing occupied spaces for the market through depersonalizing, decluttering, and minor staging.  This is a more cost effective method of staging because it requires that the occupant maintain the showroom style home themselves, while they live in it.


When buyers (or buyer agents) search for property online, the images available can either entice buyer or turn them away.  What if the images are blurred, dark, or so cluttered the actual space being sold is almost non-existent? Composing the right images to sell the property is where Real Estate Photography comes in.  Having a photographer that specializes in product photography will ensure that the best selling points, accurate space distance, and features in a property are captured in your images. Or, if you take the images yourself, your stager can recommend what images to take.

Graphic Design

Sometimes buyers or their friends see the “for sale” signs in the yard and decide to grab a flyer.  What does it look like?  Is it marketing the property, the broker brand, or the agent?  What is the main focus?  Do the images and text provide a good impression of the property for the viewer?  How marketing collateral appears to buyers can give a strong impression of the brand, the property, and the agent.  Why spend marketing dollars on printing flyers and newsletters that are not capturing the needed attention of its target market?


Many luxury sellers and agents choose to take their marketing plan one step further by producing a video guided tour of property for prospect delivery or online social media.  Some buyer of these properties my not be local and would want to view the property online with the ability of video over still shot photography.  For these video guided tours work best.  This is not to say that video only works for luxury homes.

Combine all these tools with your current marketing plan and integrate them into your social media plan to get more return on your marketing dollars!

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When should you call a property stager?

The simple answer is; you should call your property stager right before you put the property on the market!  The job of a property stager is to prepare a home for the market.  In order to do this, it makes sense that they are called in prior to listing or placing the property for sale.

The truth is that every property should be staged (or prepared for the market) to some extent.  Let’s be clear, not all staging requires the bringing in of new furniture, art, and accessories, although this can maximize the perceived value of your property.  Staging can be as simple as raising the mulch in the flower beds and re-arranging existing furniture, to more elaborate services including painting walls and redesigning the entire interior; depending on the market we are trying to attract.  After all, staging is a real estate and marketing profession with design as its tool.

So, how can a property stager help before you list?  Property stagers can give great insight as to how a property should be presented to the market. Even if you are not planning on staging the property, knowing a property’s best selling points and how to feature and draw attention to them would be advantageous to both the seller and the realtor. Many professional staging firms provide consultations that include an onsite visit and a detailed evaluation of the property.  There are also staging reports that give specific recommendations for your listing including instructions for preparing your property for sale.

Whether you plan to stage the property or not, adding a property presentation evaluation to your marketing plan can add value to your efforts and provide you with specific instructions and information on getting the best out of presenting your property.

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