When should you call a property stager?

The simple answer is; you should call your property stager right before you put the property on the market!  The job of a property stager is to prepare a home for the market.  In order to do this, it makes sense that they are called in prior to listing or placing the property for sale.

The truth is that every property should be staged (or prepared for the market) to some extent.  Let’s be clear, not all staging requires the bringing in of new furniture, art, and accessories, although this can maximize the perceived value of your property.  Staging can be as simple as raising the mulch in the flower beds and re-arranging existing furniture, to more elaborate services including painting walls and redesigning the entire interior; depending on the market we are trying to attract.  After all, staging is a real estate and marketing profession with design as its tool.

So, how can a property stager help before you list?  Property stagers can give great insight as to how a property should be presented to the market. Even if you are not planning on staging the property, knowing a property’s best selling points and how to feature and draw attention to them would be advantageous to both the seller and the realtor. Many professional staging firms provide consultations that include an onsite visit and a detailed evaluation of the property.  There are also staging reports that give specific recommendations for your listing including instructions for preparing your property for sale.

Whether you plan to stage the property or not, adding a property presentation evaluation to your marketing plan can add value to your efforts and provide you with specific instructions and information on getting the best out of presenting your property.

Add value to your marketing plan and order your Property Staging Report (PSR®) for your listing today. info@bryansuarez.com


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