How can floor plans help resale properties?

When searching for a new construction home, buyers request flyers and view builder websites to see not only images of the properties, but also to see the floor plans.  When looking for property to lease, potential tenants do the same, always requesting a list of amenities and a floor plan.  They work for new construction and apartment units; they can work for resale properties also!

When buyers talk to others about their choices in resale properties, many times they will show images and try their best to communicate the layout, and then rely on the comments of their friends and family to make their decision. Why not provide similar marketing material and floor plans for resale properties?  Floor plans are inexpensive to produce and can be used for marketing material, online viewing, space planning for your staging efforts, and give realtors a tool for explaining the use of modified or unusual layouts with the help of a property presenter.

Floor plans allow buyers to create strong visual and emotional connections as to how they will occupy the space by combining the images they see online with what they experienced in person and connecting them to the floor plan provided.  The more we allow buyers to visualize their life in a property, the better chances we have of them falling in love with it.

To request more information on floor plans for resale properties, contact us today at


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